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Are PE plastic sachets recyclable?

Are PE plastic sachets recyclable?

Jun 15, 2024

PE laminates can be provided with high barrier options and have outstanding seal integrity.Available as pouches, pre-made bags, sachets and film-on-a-reel. Our PE packaging solutions are extremely versatile and the ideal sustainable packaging option for a wide range of market sectors. They can be used for hot fill applications as well as for frozen foods and are also suitable for wet products and liquids. To assist in maintaining product freshness, we can also offer our PE laminates with a PE zip to address resealability without compromising on recyclability.


The Pure LDPE laminated packaging bags are made in 100% low density PE materials. Hence it is mono material structure which is more convenient for the recycle process. They are 100% recyclable. What's more, the materials are food grade and of good barier propery. it is suitable to package products like food, snack, nuts, powder, tea items and more. The surface film we use is one type of optimized LDPE film which can be used as printing layer. Colors and efects are as good as other films like PET and BOPP.


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