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  • What’s type of honey packages? May 21, 2024
    There have many different packages for honey, most clients would like to use plastic bag, paper box to pack honey, the hot sale brands are royal VIP honey, black bull honey, Etumax Honey and so on. Cheerful Packaging can provide customized packages with own brand (custom designs and sizes), what's famous type of honey packages?      What types of packaging are more suitable for honey?   1. Custom Honey Sachets Honey sachets are single packets of honey, the regular type are three sides seal pouch and middle seal pouch. The sachets are smal,portable, and convenient, making them ideal for use while on-the-go or in situations where traditional honey containers may be impractical. Honey sachets are typically made from laminated material such as plastic or paper. They are filed with a predetermined amount of honey,typically ranging 10g or 20g.     2. Custom paper box / cardboard box  Custom honey packaging boxes are specifically designed containers that provide a unique and personalized packaging solution for honey products. These boxes are tailored to meet the specific requirements and branding needs of honey producers and sellers.   Customization Options: Custom honey packaging boxes offer a wide range of customization options to suit your unique preferences and brand requirements. You can choose from various box sizes, shapes, and designs to accommodate different bag or bottle sizes. Additionally, you can opt for additional features like inserts or compartments to secure the honey containers in place.  
  • Introduction Of Different Type Of Cosmetic Box May 10, 2024
    Are you looking for different types of box options for your cosmetic product, jewelry accessories etc.? As we know, different level of box quality will be affected the first sight of your brand product from customers, let us introduce some types of box for you. 1: Artpaper Box -- Common The most common and most used type of packaging box is artpaper material box, it can be 200g,250g, 300g, 350g, 400g, artpaper for box material, different printing techniques (like hot stamping, embossing, holographic effect etc.) can enhance the appearance of grade of boxes.This is the cheapest option. 2: Drawer Box -- Popular This type of packaging box will be a higher level than artpaper box, you can make insert for box like EVA insert, it’s usually packed for gift selling, for example, Perfume Packaging Box, Skincare Products Packaging Box, Watch Packaging Box, etc.. 3: Magnet Foldable Paper Box -- Luxury If you want high class look for your product packaging, magnet paper box is the choosing for you. The quality for this type of box is stronger than others, but also the price will be higher. 
  • What Is The Laminating Film Roll? Apr 25, 2024
    It is basically lamination film available in the roll form instead of a pouch form, These rolls are made available via laminating machines, clients can use packaging machine to fill product and produce final product via roll film. For all the options, roll laminating films are the most versatile, while also being the most affordable. It is workable for powder, liquid, honey, tea, coffee ect. The final type of bags can be fold 2 sides seal sachet, middle seal bag , three sides seal flat pouch ect. As below, It can save more times and labor cost.    Roll Film can be made below type of bags:   1. Middle Seal Bags :  2. Three sides seal flat pouch:           
  • Tear notch option for back sealed candy bags Apr 20, 2024
    Are you still struggling with the type of tear notch for your products packaging bags, like Candy Bags, Cookie Bags, Chocolate Bags etc.? For Small Foods Sachets which we mentioned in previous Blog, the popular type of packaging companies usually choose is Back Sealed Plastic Bags, if you have noticed that there were different types of tear notch in market packages, let’s us have a look for them as below:   There are 3 types, it’s free for first two types of tear notch as following, one is common and simple tear notch, it’s flat for top and bottom but with two incisions. The second is zig zag tear nocth for top and bottom which is more elegant than first type, and this is also the most popular one for back sealed bags. It needs to be cut by customized mold or large filling machine for the third option - horizontal tear notch, it indeed looks a higher level for packaging bags, but there will have mold cost for this type, or you made roll film and cut it after filling by machine, it’s widely used for Instant Coffee Sachets, Coffee Sugar Packaging Bags or other powder or Liquid Packaging Sachets. In conclusion, the function of tear notch is for easily opening the sachets, usually we advise to make the second option which is free and popular in the market. We believe that you already have a clear answer in mind for your products packaging sachets.
  • What is a Heat Sealed Bag? Apr 12, 2024
    Heat sealing combines two plastics by applying high temperature and pressure to the areas in contact to form an airtight, leak-proof sealed bag.  Heat sealing is widely used in the packaging industry for sealing bags, films.   Heat-sealed pouch or bag is a type of flexible packaging made up of thermoplastic materials that are sealed/closed through high temperature and pressure. lt contains and transports goods such as foods, chemicals, cosmetic products, etc, it is a common yet efficient form of packaging because it keeps your product fresh and clean for a more extended period.   Types of heat seal bags:   Flat Heat Seal Plastic bags: These are one of the most common types of bags used for jewelry / clothes packaging. These bags are transparent on one or both sides, so you can place contents inside to display for everyone.     Heat Back Seal sealed Bags: seal on bottom and have a center weld at the back. These bags are good for coffee, powder, tea, chocolate bar, candy, biscuits, wax candles and any other three dimensional product.   Metalized Flat Mylar Pouches: These are good options for products such as coffee powder, powdered spices, food supplements, cosmetic products etc. These bags provide protection against smell, moistured and oxygen. They also have tear notch option at both ends of a bag. They are food safe and an ideal solution for packing pre-set portions of food.   Heat Seal Stand Up Bags: these are standing self heat sealable bags, which have bottom gusset, these can be made with tear notches and resealable zipper, these are good packaging solutions for pack coffee beans, whey powder, bath salt, dry flower, cookies, spices, ect.  
  • How to choose valve for your Coffee Packaging Bags? Apr 06, 2024
    In previous blog, we have discussed about the different types bags for Coffee Packaging, now let’s know better the correct valve for your Coffee Bags.   The types of exhaust valves on the market are roughly divided into two types, one is a built-in exhaust valve, and the other is an external exhaust valve. The built-in exhaust valve is installed in the inside of the bag, and the installation needs to cooperate with the pressure valve machine to press the exhaust valve on the bag. The built-in exhaust valve is divided into filter type and no filter. Generally, the built-in one-way exhaust valve with filter screen has a wide range of applications, which can press the valve on the packaging bags of solid and powdered items such as coffee beans, pig, horse and other livestock feed, cat food and dog food, flour, coffee powder, ready-mixed baking powder. The application range of the built-in one-way exhaust valve without filter is relatively small, which is suitable for coffee beans, cat food and dog food and other granular items.    External type exhaust valve is generally a patch type exhaust valve, just poke a small hole on the surface of the bag, and then align the small hole directly paste the patch type exhaust valve.   The one that’s usually used for coffee bags is one-way exhaust valve,the function of this type of valve is as below:   1. To avoid the outside air into the bag, to prevent the internal packaging is oxidized pollution deterioration. Mainly used in packaging bags, storage bags, storage bags, such as the need for one-way gas leakage of flexible packaging.   2. Due to the one-way exhaust valve set on the plastic bag, the bag filled with goods in the process of stacking. The residual air in the lower bag body is on, and the gravity of the goods in the bag is removed from the one-way exhaust valve, which can improve the stability of the stack and increase the height of the stack.   3. Improve the impact resistance of plastic bags. When the bag filled with goods falls at the height of the cargo handling, the air in the bag can be discharged from the one-way exhaust valve, reducing the shock wave generated by the residual air in the bag, and reducing or avoiding the resulting broken bag.
  • Why are Mylar bags so popular?
    Why are Mylar bags so popular? Mar 30, 2024
    Mylar Bags Are An Excellent Solution For Many Of Your Product Storage And Marketing Needs. they are not always the most cost-effective option. That is because mylar bags are more expensive to produce than other materials but they last longer. lt means they can be reused and repurposed repeatedly.   Mylar bags are essential in protecting your goods from extreme temperatures. They can prevent moisture from seeping into your goods and getting damaged,which is especially important when you are shipping foods or other products that are sensitive to wetness.   Keeping out light: Exposure to sunlight can cause discoloration In many types of packaging materials like cardboard boxes or plastic wrap, but not with mylar. Its material blocks UV light while remaining flexible enough for easy use when transporting items throughout stores or warehouses without breaking apart during shipment.   When it comes to storing edible product, there are a few different things you need to take into account. Temperature, humidity, light, and air are all factors that can affect the quality of your herb. Mylar bags can help you keep all of those things in check. If you're looking for a way to store your edible safely and securely, then consider investing in Mylar bags for your product packaging.   They're affordable and they'll keep your herb fresh for longer. Flexible packaging pouches are perfect for a variety of edible products such as flower, seed, hemp, herbas and more! These bags are made from high barrier materials.
  • How to choose correct material for your Customized Mylar Bags? Mar 22, 2024
    Holographic Foil Mylar Bags Experience the dazzling allure of our holographic foil effect, designed to catch the light and create a mesmerizing display of colors. Perfect for brands that strive to stand out, this material choice guarantees that your products will exude an air of elegance and sophistication.   There are different options for exact material for hologram bags, if you want bags with clear side to displaying the inner product, the material will be PET+PET+PE for front, PET+LASER FILM+PE for foil back. The material for two sides holographic foil pouch is PET+Laser film+PE to keep mysterious. To make bags with a higher level vision is to make UV spot printing, the material still is PET+Laser film+PE but with matte varnish like this sample as below: Matte finish Mylar Bags For Edibles If you prefer a more timeless and understated appeal, classic matte finish is a go-to option. Its refined texture and non-reflective surface provide a sophisticated aesthetic, perfect for brands that exude simplicity and elegance. This material choice effortlessly complements any design, letting your products take center stage.   The common material for matte Aluminum Foil Mylar Bag is MOPP+VMPET+PE, if you want window or clear side for seeing through, material of that side will be MOPP+PET+PE. For Bath Salt Packaging Bags or Body Scrub Packaging Bags, our customers usually make matte bag without foil inner which the material is MOPP+PE. The upgrade material of matte vision for foil Edible Mylar Bags is soft touch material -- Soft touch film+VMPET+PE. Some customers also will make frosted clear side for bag, the material shall be Soft touch film +PET+PE for clear side. Glossy Mylar Bags Wholesale For those who crave a sleek and polished look, glossy material is a true showstopper. Its lustrous sheen catches the light, creating a mesmerizing shine that demands attention. The glossy finish adds a touch of glamour and modernity to your packaging, setting your products apart from the competition.   The combination material of Aluminum Foil Plastic Laminated Mylar Bags is PET+VMPET+PE, identically, it’s PET+PET+PE for clear or window side. If you don’t want foil inner, the material will be PET+PE. 
  • How to choose chocolate / candy packages? Mar 16, 2024
    Custom Candy / Chocolate Packaging  From custom candy bags to chocolate wrappers, The Cheerful Pack can custom print a flexible packaging solution for a wide variety of confectionery products. We offer stand up pouches for gummy packaging, pillow bags, chocolate aluminum foil wrapper, paper box, paper wrapper ect. All of our flexible packaging are custom printed packages with food grade, this ensures your stand up pouches and wrappers are safe for direct contact with the candy product.   Custom Stand Up Pouch For Candy  / Chocolate    At Cheerful PACK, we offer high-quality customization services to all our customers. We work with large to small businesses looking for flexible packaging solutions applicable to their business. The best part is that our minimum order quantity is quite low which makes it perfect when investing in custom candy packaging options.      Custom Candy Pillow Pouch  Pillow pouch: a pouch that is sealed on one side (TOP/BOTTOM),and filled throuch the other, closed with a seal on the back. lf you're on the hunt for the perfect custom pillow bags, these pouches are often used for single-serve snacks and grab-and-go-type products.     Colorful Aluminum Foil Wrapper  Aluminum foil can protect the chocolate from being broken or torn during long trip. There have over 9 colors for chosen, Cheerful Packaging accept customization.    Why choose aluminum foil wrapper?  1. Good heat-shielding performance 2. Protect the chocolate in order not to break or tear during long trip 3. More appealing packaging design 4. Eco-friendliness     Contact Us To Get Your Own Brand Chocolate / Candy Packages!   
  • Food Packaging Bags -- Different Options For Coffee Packaging Mar 08, 2024
    Cheerful can provide different types of Food Packaging Bags like Custom Gummy Bear Packaging, Wholesale Chocolate Bar Packaging Back Sealed Bag, Wholesale Coffee Packaging Bags, Frozen Food Packaging Bag etc...   Today let’s talk the Coffee Packaging over with you. There are many types of bag for packing coffee you can make:   Small Single Coffee Sachet: Do you prefer to make three side seal bag or middle seal bag for small volume? According to our experience, back sealed bag is more popular. They are usually for packing coffee sample or instant coffee with volume 5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 25g, if you need exact size for these volumes, welcome to contact us to get it. Stand Up Pouch: This type of bag is most cost effective for larger volume coffee packaging like 250g, 500g and 1kg, it’s self-standing to display on the shelf, and can be with normal zipper or E-zipper, different types of valves also can be added. Flat Bottom Bag with E-zipper: If you want your coffee to looks a higher level on the shelf, this is the choice for your Coffee Packaging Bags. This type of Coffee Bags will be more expensive than other types, but we also can accept small MOQ like 200pcs for trail order or start-up business. Side Gusset Bag with tin tie: Usually it will be used for coffee packing with vacuum sealed, that would be better for coffee storage and shipping. Tin Tie can be resealable opening
  • Different Type Custom Mylar Bags For Your Edible Products
    Different Type Custom Mylar Bags For Your Edible Products Mar 01, 2024
    Custom mylar bags can be a visually appealing and functional option for packaging edible products. They are heat sealable, smell proof, waterproof, food grade, moisture and light resistance, sturdy. It helps to protect the Edible products from moisture, UV light, and other factors that can deteriorate their quality and freshness. And for the most part, it comes in a wide variety of styles to meet your packaging needs. The following are a few different types of mylar bags you can find out in the market.   Mylar bag is simple and easy to be sealed. You can use a heat sealer to seal the bag securely . Using an iron or a hair straightener to heat and seal the bag is also effective.   Heat Sealed Stand Up Mylar Bags   Custom Stand Up Mylar Bags usually come in a square form and provide safe storage for food items. They have the same method of function and sealing mechanism. Also Stand Up Mylar Bags can be standing self for display, which is food safe and resealable, You may often see them for packing tea, herbs, and other dried powder, edible products     Child Resistant Mylar Bags   Child-resistant zipper bags are designed to provide an added layer of safety and prevent children from accessing the contents inside the bag. They typically feature a specialized zipper mechanism that requires dexterity and strength to open, making it difficult for young children to open them. These bags are commonly used for storing medications, chemicals, and other potentially hazardous substances. They are often used in compliance with safety regulations and to ensure the well-being of children.     Die Cut Mylar Bags   Die-cut bags can be made with customized shape, such as heart shape, round shape, star shape ect. You can provide a design or describe the desired shape in detail.     We at Cheerful Packaging cater to your needs in packaging but provide you with the best packaging solution. You can get your Mylar bags in any custom materials, design, shape, and size. We have a team of professional team that can guide you to create your own custom Mylar bags according to your requirements.Contact us to place your order today, your edible products need custom mylar bags to be best selling. 
  • Eco-friendly Biodegradable Bags Jan 26, 2024
    In the pursuit of sustainability, selecting suppliers that provide Biodegradable Packaging Bags Solutions is a crucial decision for any business. Shenzhen Cheerful Packaging Co.,Ltd is offering innovative and environmentally conscious packaging options tailored to your brand’s needs. Biodegradable bags are more than just packaging solutions, they are a symbol of our commitment to a sustainable future.   In this age of environmental consciousness, choosing the right suppliers for your business can make all the difference. Our Biodegradable bags are thoughtfully crafted with the planet in mind. Made from eco-friendly materials, they possess the power to minimize our impact on the environment.   What truly sets our bags apart is their remarkable ability to biodegrade.The biodegradable material can be made with different types of bag, such as three side seal bag, stand up pouch, side gusset bag, flat bottom bag, back seal bag, slider zipper bags etc...Immerse yourself in the sheer elegance and functionality of these bags. Their versatility knows no bounds - perfect for grocery shopping, carrying your daily essentials, or even as a stylish accessory for any occasion.   Biodegradable bags are crafted from natural and PLA material, this remarkable substance has the ability to break down into water, carbon dioxide and oxygen, effortlessly returning back to the environment. The degradable time is about 180 days. By choosing our Eco-friendly Biodegradable Bags, you are making a conscious effort to preserve our planet, choose responsibility. Choose sustainability. Choose Eco-friendly.
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