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Tear notch option for back sealed candy bags

Tear notch option for back sealed candy bags

Apr 20, 2024

Are you still struggling with the type of tear notch for your products packaging bags, like Candy Bags, Cookie Bags, Chocolate Bags etc.? For Small Foods Sachets which we mentioned in previous Blog, the popular type of packaging companies usually choose is Back Sealed Plastic Bags, if you have noticed that there were different types of tear notch in market packages, lets us have a look for them as below:


There are 3 types, its free for first two types of tear notch as following, one is common and simple tear notch, its flat for top and bottom but with two incisions.

Candy Bags

The second is zig zag tear nocth for top and bottom which is more elegant than first type, and this is also the most popular one for back sealed bags.

back sealed bags

It needs to be cut by customized mold or large filling machine for the third option - horizontal tear notch, it indeed looks a higher level for packaging bags, but there will have mold cost for this type, or you made roll film and cut it after filling by machine, its widely used for Instant Coffee Sachets, Coffee Sugar Packaging Bags or other powder or Liquid Packaging Sachets.

coffee Sugar Packaging Bags

In conclusion, the function of tear notch is for easily opening the sachets, usually we advise to make the second option which is free and popular in the market. We believe that you already have a clear answer in mind for your products packaging sachets.

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