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  • How to choose valve for your Coffee Packaging Bags? Apr 06, 2024
    In previous blog, we have discussed about the different types bags for Coffee Packaging, now let’s know better the correct valve for your Coffee Bags.   The types of exhaust valves on the market are roughly divided into two types, one is a built-in exhaust valve, and the other is an external exhaust valve. The built-in exhaust valve is installed in the inside of the bag, and the installation needs to cooperate with the pressure valve machine to press the exhaust valve on the bag. The built-in exhaust valve is divided into filter type and no filter. Generally, the built-in one-way exhaust valve with filter screen has a wide range of applications, which can press the valve on the packaging bags of solid and powdered items such as coffee beans, pig, horse and other livestock feed, cat food and dog food, flour, coffee powder, ready-mixed baking powder. The application range of the built-in one-way exhaust valve without filter is relatively small, which is suitable for coffee beans, cat food and dog food and other granular items.    External type exhaust valve is generally a patch type exhaust valve, just poke a small hole on the surface of the bag, and then align the small hole directly paste the patch type exhaust valve.   The one that’s usually used for coffee bags is one-way exhaust valve,the function of this type of valve is as below:   1. To avoid the outside air into the bag, to prevent the internal packaging is oxidized pollution deterioration. Mainly used in packaging bags, storage bags, storage bags, such as the need for one-way gas leakage of flexible packaging.   2. Due to the one-way exhaust valve set on the plastic bag, the bag filled with goods in the process of stacking. The residual air in the lower bag body is on, and the gravity of the goods in the bag is removed from the one-way exhaust valve, which can improve the stability of the stack and increase the height of the stack.   3. Improve the impact resistance of plastic bags. When the bag filled with goods falls at the height of the cargo handling, the air in the bag can be discharged from the one-way exhaust valve, reducing the shock wave generated by the residual air in the bag, and reducing or avoiding the resulting broken bag.

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