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Customized Stick Pack Candy Wrap Bags


Customized Stick Pack Candy Wrap Bags

  • What is a Heat Sealed Bag? Apr 12, 2024
    Heat sealing combines two plastics by applying high temperature and pressure to the areas in contact to form an airtight, leak-proof sealed bag.  Heat sealing is widely used in the packaging industry for sealing bags, films.   Heat-sealed pouch or bag is a type of flexible packaging made up of thermoplastic materials that are sealed/closed through high temperature and pressure. lt contains and transports goods such as foods, chemicals, cosmetic products, etc, it is a common yet efficient form of packaging because it keeps your product fresh and clean for a more extended period.   Types of heat seal bags:   Flat Heat Seal Plastic bags: These are one of the most common types of bags used for jewelry / clothes packaging. These bags are transparent on one or both sides, so you can place contents inside to display for everyone.     Heat Back Seal sealed Bags: seal on bottom and have a center weld at the back. These bags are good for coffee, powder, tea, chocolate bar, candy, biscuits, wax candles and any other three dimensional product.   Metalized Flat Mylar Pouches: These are good options for products such as coffee powder, powdered spices, food supplements, cosmetic products etc. These bags provide protection against smell, moistured and oxygen. They also have tear notch option at both ends of a bag. They are food safe and an ideal solution for packing pre-set portions of food.   Heat Seal Stand Up Bags: these are standing self heat sealable bags, which have bottom gusset, these can be made with tear notches and resealable zipper, these are good packaging solutions for pack coffee beans, whey powder, bath salt, dry flower, cookies, spices, ect.  

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